Reflux and Safe Sleep

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Reflux is something most babies struggle with as their system matures. Some will do better with medication and others can be managed without it. Either way, these are great tips to use if you suspect your child is experiencing pain from reflux!

*Important note: you should still place you baby on their back on a flat space to sleep. An inclined sleep space does not actually decrease symptoms of reflux. I’ll include links to studies for that at the end!

Struggling with sleep?

If you suspect your child has reflux but is controlled with lifestyle changes, medication, or other holistic options yet you’re still struggling with sleep, I can help! Schedule a free 15 min chat to tell me all about it and see how I can work with your family.

1) Roll to the side for diaper changes. Most parents will pull legs up over the stomach/chest while changing a diaper, but that can cause any undigested liquids to flow back into the esophagus and cause more pain. Rolling to the side will help avoid that!

2) Hold upright after feedings. If you usually feed back to sleep, then hold upright for 15-20 minutes before laying them down to encourage digestion and prevent the regurgitation from happening.

3) Make sure baby’s head is above their stomach while eating. This will encourage the flow of fluids to stay down instead of coming back up.

4) Chiropractic care is great for managing symptoms of reflux! If you’re local, I have a great resource list and if not, they’re more than happy to help you find someone local to you.

5) Infant massage techniques can help your child digest food better and prevent the regurgitaion from happening.

6) Burp REALLY well! In all the different positions! 

7) Smaller, more frequent feedings can be beneficial but beware of snacking and eating just to soothe the pain which can then cause a cycle of pain, eat, more pain, eat, etc.


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